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National Ballet Academy Denver

Student Trainee Program

Our Student Trainee Program offers a four year course in classical ballet training for students ages 15+.

The purpose of the Trainee Program is to produce graduates who are capable of integrating effortlessly into professional dance companies.

Our goal is to provide the Trainees with experiences to help ease their transition from student to professional dancers.

Training becomes more rigorous as classes increase focusing on refining technique, artistry, and overall performance quality. This class meets six days a week. 

In addition to Ballet and Pointe, the program curriculum includes, Variations,

Character, Contemporary, Body Conditioning, Pas De Deux, Repertoire, and Career preparation/management.


  • Ages 15+ by September 1
  • Registration Fee: $30
  • Tuition: $9,924.50/year
  • 3-Payment Plan Fee: $50
  • 10-Payment Plan Fee: $150

*Scholarships and tuition reduction programs are available to qualified students. 


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Policies & Procedures

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Student Trainee Program


Applicants must be 15+ years.

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Student Trainee Program

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